Here’s any easy way to figure out if you already own clothes and shoes just right for dancing or if you need to find something new:

What’s OK to wear to dance?

Clean clothes that are comfortable for you to move in is definitely the only “required” description. Everyone comes to their dance lessons from different places, so styles will vary. Some dancers may be dressed in business attire if they’re coming straight from work, others prefer the every-day casual look. What you choose to wear really depends on where you’re coming from or going to after your Private Lessons or Group Classes and Workshops.

How do I decide on the perfect outfit?

As in most things, there is no perfect! So definitely make sure your outfit is comfortable and danceable. For our parties and special events, some people like to add a bit of extra flair for that night-on-the-town feel. Think nice sit-down dinner or date night out. Our Dance Parties, while always themed, do lend themselves to a more easy-going feel than our other semi-formal or formal In-Studio Events. Dressing to theme is always encouraged but never mandatory. Check with your Instructors for particular theme-related suggestions. Simple and easy is best for now. Just come dance!

What about my shoes?

For your first set of lessons, the general rule for shoes is anything comfortable in good condition, but “nothing that slips & nothing that grips” (like flip-flops or snow boots, in the extreme). Wear shoes that fit well on your feet, that you’d feel great walking in, and that would also look fine wearing on a night out. Many new dancers prefer lower heels (suggested for safety) or flats (if that’s more familiar) to start. If you look at what you have now, you probably already have a pair of smooth-soled or even leather-bottomed shoes that will work just fine for a while. When you’re ready to shop, your Instructors would be happy to help. We also recommend our own Marketplace at The Manalapan Studio or our sponsor Shall We Dance Designs in Nutley to help your buying decisions. Tell them we sent you!

But I’ve seen dance people wear formal outfits. Do I have to get those now?

As your dancing progresses, you will need and want to have the right equipment for the sport. Seek expert advice – from your Arthur Murray Professional Dance Instructors! You’ll start to hear terms like “practice-/dance-/performance-wear,” “costumes” (custom-made, rented, or otherwise), “smooth or rhythm” shoes, and “hair and makeup” styling. Let your Instructors guide you as to what you’ll need, when you’ll need it, and the appropriate fashions for you level of activity or event requirements. We’ll always make sure you look fabulous to feel and dance your best on the floor!

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